Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions about Yettis Kitchen and our frequently asked questions.

Do you offer Catering?

Yes we do. We cater for a range of public, private and aviation clients. Please see our catering Menu below. For all In-flight Catering enquiries please contact us via email food@yettiskitchen.com or call us on 01617060062 (1-9pm)

Yettis Kitchen Catering Menu

Do you cater for flights?

Yes we do, we provide inflight catering for private and commercial aviation clients.

Do you have a menu i can look at?

Do Yettis Kitchen deliver food orders?

Yes we do. Within Manchester and across the UK.

Payment options that Yettis Kitchen accepts.

We accept British pounds and Nigerian Naira payments via bank transfer, card payments. For Cash payments we accept only Pounds.

How long does it take for delivery?

We aim to deliver meals ordered before our opening hours on the same day. You should receive a confirmation message, when the delivery is en route. For meal prep we delivery your selected options over the weekend, you should receive confirmation, when your delivery is en route.

Cancelling orders

  • For meal prep we accept a 48 hour cancellation. Please call us direct to cancel your order 0161 706 0062.
  • For orders placed before our opening hours, we accept cancellations an hour before the scheduled pickup or delivery. Please call us direct to cancel your order 0161 706 0062.
  • For orders placed during our opening hours, cancellations are accepted within 5 minutes of orders placed by calling us direct on 0161 706 0062.

Is your food halal?

Yes it is. We source our beef and chicken responsibly, from Halal certified butchers across the UK.

Do you offer weekly deliveries?

Yes we offer Weekly meal deliveries and meal prep options from £29.99. Please see our chart below for meal options. Once you have made your choices, email us or fill in the form via the contact us page, stating your preferences.

YK 2020 MENU - Sheet2

Locations that Yettis Kitchen delivers to?

We deliver within Manchester, and throughout the UK.

Is there an order minimum for deliveries?

Yes, please see a breakdown of our order minimum prices below.

  • 1 – 2 Miles from our postcode M300QN£15 minimum order amount, free delivery.
  • 2 – 3 Miles from our postcode M300QN£15 minimum order amount, £5 delivery fee.
  • 3 – 4 Miles from our postcode M300QN£40 minimum order amount, free delivery.
  • 4 Miles and UK Wide DeliveriesContact us via email food@yettisktichen.com or call us on 01617060062 (1-9pm)

Your opening days and hours?

We are open Monday to Sunday from 1-9pm (These timings may vary in bank holidays, public holidays, or emergencies)

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