Nigerian Rice Meals

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Soft and succulent Beef  or Stewed Chicken or Jerk Chicken or Suya Beef , With Jollof rice or rice & peas, Dumpling, and Plantain.

Rice (Bulk Order)



Choose from a variety of rice options for delivery. Please note all options arrive frozen at your delivery address and are 5 litres in size. If you need bigger portions i.e 10 litres, 15 litres etc.. add more to the quantity in your  basket to make it 10 litres etc. Feeds 8- 10 people ideally. Leave in fridge to defrost, or put in microwave to defrost, revive and enjoy!

  1. Jollof Rice (Nigerian Party Jollof)
  2. Fried Rice (Nigerian Party Fried rice)
  3. Rice and Peas (Smoky with a coconut taste)
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